The Environment Does Not Exist In Trump’s America

About Snowflake Trump

For the rest of the world that lives in reality, climate change is a real and very serious matter.

The Snowflake

Trump Snowflake Melting

We have a president who stays up late at night to complain on Twitter, is incapable of taking criticism, and gets offended by any fact that goes against his opinion. The irony, of course, is that many Trump supporters call the rest of us snowflakes.

Whether or not the term “snowflake” makes any sense in regards to labeling either side in its current usage, it does have an unfortunate relationship with us all. The end of a snowflake (as in the frozen water) is due to increased heat – an inevitable death that occurs when the snowflake is exposed to temperatures greater than it can handle.  What’s unfortunate for the snowflake is that it has no say in the climate’s rising temperature. It dropped out of a world of stability and progress only to be forced into a fall full of regression, hatred,  and anti-intellectualism.

Of course, we are different than the snowflake. We do have a say in the outcomes of our future. We have a voice, and we are capable of using it. We can, and must do everything we can to speak against the degradation of our planet

Do not be the snowflake. Do not allow not only our country, but the entire world to suffer from Trump’s actions. Do not allow us all to melt.

Melted Snowflake Trump

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